Harnessing experience to lead through difficult times will foster personal growth and success. 

developLearning to become an effective leader is a skill that is both intuitive and experiential and is often shaped in our personal life occurrences. With each experience encountered, adding to the proverbial “toolbox,” as either a best practice or “never try that again” practice is critical to the development of personal leadership style and these tools will be the building blocks for your journey. When reflecting on personal leadership, what is your best leadership quality and identify the root of its development and the personal experience that shaped it.

“Experience: the most brutal teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.”- C.S.Lewis.

Career Recovery: You’ve Hit Rock Bottom! Now What?

Mark Twain said it best: “The only bad press is an obituary.” Life happens and we make mistakes but how we recover is key! During the last decade we have witnessed the rise and fall of many politicians, entertainers, and even company leadership but very seldom is it truly the end of their career. Whether being fired from a position, demoted, overcoming a major career-shifting mistake, it is not over because time provides redemption. In this course you will learn:

  • How to insightfully identify the root cause of the issue and develop preventative strategies.
  • The “Seven Steps to Career Recovery.”
  • Establish and identify “personal life support” who can assist with recovery.


Women and Leadership: The Power Seat

Inspiring, energizing, and empowering in equal measure, is the theme of the day!  Women lead some of the largest corporations in the market, yet still lag men in advancement, leadership and compensation. This course will focus on how women can move effectively to and through the executive levels of their organizations while seeking practical guidance from successful community leaders. You will:

  • Learn how leading organizations utilize the expertise of both men and women to achieve success.
  • Understand the importance of setting up structures and strategies to ensure that women are considered for advancement.
  • Prepare for supporting women’s efforts through mentorship, networking and other activities.
  • Interact with other professionals who are involved in advancing women.