Ongoing change, learning, and growth are required to develop as a next-level leader.


Becoming a developed leader can include various opportunities such as training, mentorship, educational opportunities, and even experience. To become a change agent, constant growth and applying learned knowledge is critical to individual as it allows for the forward motion of a department.

The essential keys to development include:

1) understanding the necessity of prioritizing,

2) identify both a personal and career mentor

3) leveraging both positive and negative experience to frame future ideas

4) practice continuous learning through educational opportunities. Recognizing the correlation between success and continuous development is key to becoming a next level leader!

Career Change: What’s Next for Me?

Changing careers is never easy. For many burned-out, bored and multi-talented individuals who have under-utilized skills, changing fields is the only way to keep from losing their marble! As leaders and career re-inventors, we can confidently say that changing your career to something that is more suited to your values, needs, skills, and interests, is doable today, even in these tough economic times.  To switch careers effectively, you need the “4 C’s”:  clarity, courage, confidence and competence. In this course you will:  

  • Understand your passion and strength
  • Establish a strategy to change your career
  • Create a Plan of Action to Execute

 Leadership Burnout:  My Bag is Empty and No One Cares

As a leader you are always “on stage” for your leadership, peers, and employees and at some point you will begin to feel the burnout. You will become less motivated, less engaged, easily irritated and the level of stress will take a toll on all aspects of your life including your personal life. There are times when you simply want to take an intermission and go behind the curtain and disconnect from your leaders and your team-but you can’t because performance issues need to be addressed, presentations need to be developed and twenty goals need to be accomplished! You are not alone in this as statistics show that approximately 1 in 3 employees feel burned out at some point in their career. However, learning to identify the signs, creating strategy and implementing a care plan is imperative to your continued success. In this course you will:

  • Identify the primary reasons for burnout and develop a “priority plan.”
  • Develop a time-management strategy and plan for “plan crushers.”
  • Learn appropriate management techniques for “Tornado Teammates.”
  • Learn results from the emotional stress test and identify triggers.

The Chosen Ones: Board Training & Development

Being selected to serve on a board is a privilege and a major responsibility as board members are the governing body of an organization. To be an effective decision-maker it is critical to know the policies, rules, expectations and legal responsibilities required to not only protect the board but the organization as well. Simply playing the role of the board member is ineffective therefore intentional training is needed. In this class, board members will:


  • Learn the personalities of each board through personality testing.
  • Learn recruitment strategies to ensure that the board reflects the needs of the organization.
  • Discuss board and individual member duties.
  • Learn the legal parameters of board membership.
  • Learn fundraising techniques and strategies.
  • Understand conflict of interest and how to avoid it.
  • Learn and cultivate strategic insight.