Identify your goals and create an effective strategy as your road map to your destination.


Asking yourself, “Where do I want to be in five years,” will help to determine your appropriate path and identify needed skills to support your vision. Career advancement can take many forms such as growing in the current space to become a subject -matter expert (growing wide) or moving upwards in the organization both of which foster becoming a change agent (growing tall). Whether “growing wide” or “growing tall,” there are certain keys to success which include effective and strategic networking, accountability, continuous learning and trustworthiness.


  Workforce Re-entry: Put Me Back on the Team!

Many professionals intend to ramp their careers back up after taking a planned break from the workforce, whether for personal or military duties. If you are “sequencing” individuals, easing back into the office can be overwhelming an intimidating. Because while life remained constant, the work environment was constantly changing.  Whether your past was focused on reading to children and changing diapers, protecting the country, or simply needed a break, this course is for you and will serve as your guiding compass.  You will learn:

  • How to make the seamless transition back into the workforce.
  • How to stay connected.
  • How to create your elevator pitch.
  • How to Package Yourself Properly.

Cubicle to Corner Office

It is often said “to be more, you have to BE more.” Therefore, we invite you to join the elite group of emerging leaders who have decided to “be more”!   Stand out from your peers with the experience and knowledge you will gain from taking part in this dynamic session. Cubicle to Corner Office offers small group working sessions, real world simulations, networking and special presentations from motivating speakers to bring together a well-rounded and meaningful experience. In this track you will:


  • Gain critical leadership skills and build self-confidence and independence through public speaking and group presentations.
  • Enhance your leadership ability, cross cultural communication, goal setting, decision making, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Learn from and exchange ideas with some of the area’s top business leaders, policy officials, journalists, diplomats and academics.