Stiletto Business

As the research has shown time and time again, having women in leadership roles yields string results such as increased revenue, 50% less turnover, increased engagement, and higher return. To help women and organizations meet the unique needs of women, we have developed a specific service line, “The Stiletto Business Collective,” which offers the following services:


  • Assistance with developing a company-wide Employee Resource Group (ERG) for women.
  • Executive and personal coaching for women
  • Stiletto Business Collective” 6-week leadership development training session which topics include:
    •    Recognizing How Women are the Barriers to Upward Mobility
    •    Understanding the Necessity of Diversity for All Women
    •    Calling on Confidence
    •    Emotional is Not a Weakness: Understanding the Power of Women in the Workplace
    •    Networking for Success
    •    Understanding Mentoring and Sponsorship
  • Six-week Golf Learning with PGA Golf instructor